Pool Safety Checklist

Pool Gate(s)
As of the 1st of December all pools will undergo a new government imitative to have all pools certified and inspected.

• Must open outward from pool
• Latch must be more than 1.5m from the ground
• Must be self closing and self latching
• Must latch shut on the first swing

Does gate swing back to the closed position after being opened?

Does gate latch and stay closed after it returns to the closed position?

Is gate secure so that it can’t be pulled open once latched?

Are you aware of the dangers of propping the gate open?

Is the gap between the gate and the fence less than 100mm?


• Secure and in good working order
• No more than 100mm from the ground
• Should be at least 1.2m high
• No vertical gaps more than 100mm apart

Are all of the fence panels in place?

Are all of the fence panels securely attached?

Have you checked the fence for gaps or holes?

Is the distance between the bottom rail and the ground less than 100mm?

Have you checked for rusted, loose or missing screws?

Around The Fence

• Pool aids and toys should be stored securely and out of view
• Objects that could be used to climb the fence should be removed from the area

Have climbable objects near the pool fence been removed? i.e. chairs, ladders, trees, pot plants, BBQ’s.

Are toys always removed from the pool and stored securely after use?

Have trees or shrubs near the fence been trimmed so that children can’t use them to climb the fence?

Pumps Grates and Suction

• Ensure that no fitting is broken or missing

Are all of the pool’s suction fittings and plumbing grates/covers securely in place and in good condition?

All pool users (including supervising adults) know where and how to switch off the pool/spa pump system in case of an emergency?

When using the pool do all people with long hair have it tied back securely in a bun or plait or are they wearing a swimming cap?


• Adult supervision in combination with pool fencing is the most effective method of preventing your child from drowning

When using the pool are you always within arms’ reach of any child under 5 years of age?

Are you aware of the dangers of leaving older children to supervise younger children when they are using the pool?

During parties is an adult designated ‘child supervisor’ duties around the pool?


• Up to date CPR and First Aid Skills
• Resuscitation Sign prominent in pool area

Do you or your family members have up to date Resuscitation and First Aid skills?

Does your house have a First Aid Kit handy?

Is there a current Resuscitation Sign displayed prominently in the pool area?


• Should be stored securely, out of view and out of children’s reach

Are pool chemicals stored securely, out of view and out of reach of children?

Do you use protective equipment (gloves, goggles) when handling pool chemicals?

Do you, when using pool chemicals, add the chemical to water?

Do you use clean or original chemical containers when mixing chemicals to avoid vapours from incompatible chemicals?

Do you read the Safety Directions and Directions For Use label on the pool chemicals before use?

* Disclaimer- This checklist is of a general nature only and is designed to provide education only. Pool owners will need to consult a qualified pool inspector as of 1st Dec 2010.


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